Robotics 201 at Strategic Air and Space Museum

Campers will be travelling on the starship ENTROPY to the planet Pantheon to begin to TERRAFORM that planet. Robots will be used once campers 


to Pantheon, 





couple days 

of camp they will practice programming on the moons that surround the planet; NEOS, XENON, HYDRA, and VULCAN. Each moon has a special characteristic and robot challenge to overcome. They will be designing and programming robots to help accomplish tasks at the moons, and experience roles as engineers, programmers, designers, and researchers.

Campers will be learning about:
  • technological literacy
  • programming
  • project management
  • teamwork
  • problem solving
  • time management
Project Planning: Brainstorming
Starter Questions
􏰀 What are we trying to accomplish?
􏰀 Has anyone done this sort of thing before? How?
􏰀 How do you think we should...?
􏰀 Is there another way to do this?
􏰀 What should be the next...?
􏰀 What skills and abilities do we have that would be useful? How can we use them?
􏰀 What can we improve?
􏰀 How can we change the criteria to fit our assets?
􏰀 How do you plan on...?
􏰀 How can we change to attack the problem?
􏰀 Can we use something else?
􏰀 What if we did the opposite?
􏰀 Is it time to leave it alone?
􏰀 What are the technical hurdles we must overcome to complete the task?
􏰀 How can we break this down into smaller tasks?
􏰀 How is our approach different from other approaches? Do we stand out?