Thinking Blocks: Word Problem Challenges

Addition and Subtraction Models
Learn how to quickly solve word problems involving addition and subtraction
Multiplication and Division Models
Learn how to solve challenging multiplication and division problems.
Ratio Models
Learn how to solve challenging word problems dealing with ratio and proportion.

Thinking Blocks: Fractions

Math Forum Problem of the Week

This site is an excellent source for mathematical reasoning and communication practice. (It requires registration and fees in order to participate).

Scientific Notation Standard Form Calculator

Use the two links above to explore how scientific notation works.

Pythagorean Explorer

will help you explore how to find the unknown length of a right triangle side, if the other two sides are known.

Squaring the Triangle

This applet allows users to explore right triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem. The applet can also be used to explore the angle measurements of triangles.

Math Counts: Problem of the Week

Great mathematical challenges for middle school students.

Math Counts Club: For Middle School Students

The MATHCOUNTS Club Program is a math enrichment initiative providing the structure and activities needed to encourage the formation of math clubs within schools. The program is designed to increase enthusiasm for math and to engage students using a variety of math activities.

Connected Mathematics Grade 6 Student

Star Math Games

StarMath Games was created by PrimaryGames, Inc.
Primary Games is one of the fastest growing gaming companies on the web and has been entertaining both children and adults since 2000. The company was originally founded by teacher Susan Beasley, who built online games to keep the students in her classroom entertained while they were engaged in learning.

Math Playground

An action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. Play a math game, solve a logic puzzle, and have some fun!